Mobile phones can still run this salvation game.

You asked him how to start it?
He wanted to start, so the game started.
This is an idealistic game
Come to this conclusion, Fang You immediately turned out the old mobile phone that was eliminated a few years ago.
Often stuck
But it’s no problem to hang up and run this game. It won’t crowd his mobile phone to read novels and play games
Are you polite? )
"Sure enough, there is no trace of stagnation in running this game with a broken mobile phone."
"This is the high efficiency of old things."
Fang you enters the game.
The game seems to have undergone a big update after the black knife killed the evil spirits, and the information is very large.
First, he dug out the diary and browsed the previous information.
"Destiny point+2! 」
He remembers that fate point and fate extraction are the most important resources in the whole game, which may be krypton point in normal games.
Unfortunately, this game can’t krypton gold.
The number of times he can extract the remaining destiny point "2" before typing the column of destiny extraction.
"Show that your balance is insufficient"
"Consume Destiny Points to Buy Destiny Ten consecutive draws" 3 "for the first purchase," 9 "for the second purchase," 27 "for the third purchase and the fourth purchase …"
"As the number of extractions increases, the probability of getting high-order objects from the long river of fate or the fate apostles concluding contracts will continue to rise."
The only way to win the second place and the third place is to draw more destiny apostles.
This game doesn’t seem to have a setting for giving away apostles.
….. besides, there is no card.
"Black knife is guaranteed, and I don’t know if I can draw out the apostles of fate for the second time. According to the usual game probability and my non-Emirates degree, it seems that it may be a bit hanging? "
"Will this second Apostle of Fate be a macho man or a little sister … I hope to have a good-looking little sister … well, of course, it must be strong enough first."
If you choose between a weak young lady and a strong macho man who can give people a sense of security, I guess you will choose a macho man after a while of hesitation.
Ann is not poor.
There are two items in front of the’ Destiny Extraction’ option:’ Apostle List’ and’ Things List’.
But now there is a fourth item-‘dispatch’
"Dispatching this function can detect treachery in a certain range. By sending apostles to kill treachery and eliminate harm, you can get rewards such as fate points and basic props."
"The module comes with a’ trick picture book’, and the completeness of the trick information has been entered into the’ knock boy’ at present, with 33%."
The picture book has a dark outline.
Tall, strong legs, three claws
But besides, I can’t see that there is another sentence that says, "They like to hit the door panels and be evil. Maybe there is something serious wrong with them."
The whole riddle man
"It may be because the black knife can’t see the knocker that the image can’t be entered."
"Invisible but able to kill the black knife with one knife … two knives is really fierce."
"This picture book is nothing now, but if there are more apostles in the post-organization, and there are more tricks in the picture book, it should be able to play a good role."
Wish you have a bright and prosperous future!
But now Fang You has crossed the picture book.
The dispatch module has two branches, namely, the "false evil map" and the "dispatch map".
He made a map.
Some of them look like the black knife was delivered yesterday, but the map scope appears this time. It is more about … more than half of the southern part of Baijiang City.
His home is in the south of the city.
The circular map detection light turns quickly, which means that red cursors are springing up like mushrooms after rain when evil can be dispatched.
Fang You is stuck!
Have a stiff face
Sophisticated evil means income, and he should be happy, but what is cool in his heart?
Bai Jiangcheng is a small town, so it is not big, and the old city south of the city is even smaller.
However, it is such a small area that there are as many as eleven mysterious places.
Also let not let life live!
Is this world so dangerous?