can say

Thaksin Shan Muhua also believes in Zhou Jia.
More confident in yourself.
"Shout …"
The carriage drove out of the gate and rushed to the mountain forest.
Pulling horses and horses gently shakes their hair and gives birth to wind. It’s a leap of several feet, but it’s a short step, and the speed is comparable to that of black iron masters
The halo circulation of the carriage seems to come from the Mu world, and it has been speeding all the way without any bumps.
The driver’s means of driving the carriage is to go all the way over the mountains and straight to the distance
"Guy" went in one ear and the carriage drifted away. Zhou Jia couldn’t help but frown and let go of Zhong Zhong’s way
"Where are we going?"
"Meeting a friend" Lei Batian’s mouth is full of drinks, and the more people drink, the more energetic they are, and now their eyes are bright and their spirits are high.
"A friend I have been pestering for most of my life!"
His tone is ferocious and implicit, which also makes Zhou Jia frown.
Lei Batian put the jar heavily, and the excessive force made the jar surface appear filar silk cracks, and some wine overflowed from it.
"That man killed my sister, killed my children and killed my sworn brothers!"
He raised the jar and gulped it down, then laughed.
"But I didn’t suffer. I grabbed his wife and played in front of many people for a day and a night, and then sent it back."
"To tell the truth, that woman was moist, but she committed suicide when she got back."
Then he shook his head and sighed with regret.
"and his son!"
"Unlike me, there are very few children, and half of them are killed and maimed by me. They cry when they hear my name, but my name doesn’t cry when they cry."
"Ha ha …"
Lei Batian laughed.
"In the first half, he made it difficult for me to look up. In the second half, I asked him to double the repayment. This is my principle of being a man!"
"Zhou Jia, do you think I did it right?"
"I don’t know" Zhou Jia shook his head indifferently.
"Uncle Shi must care about what others say?"
"Ha ha ….." Lei Ba Tian laughed wildly and had long hair flying, and the thunder knife was excited and trembled, and mercerized around him.
"Zhou Jia, if you are not my disciple, I must take you away. You are too much for my appetite."
"How are you getting along with Mei Er these days?"
"Miss Lei has a hard personality" Zhou Jiakou
"The younger generation is hard to get along with."
"That’s because you don’t have enough means." Lei Batian opened his eyes wide.