Yip hon asked "how do you say go? There was no wind before? "

"I don’t know," Bai Xiaoting shook his head and his ponytail dangled. "I haven’t heard anything yet today. Grandpa suddenly decided to leave today … Ah, you two are well-informed. I’m going to call you after the car."
"My grandfather didn’t say goodbye to you?" Yip hon the cheek to ask
"Fuck off, who’s with you!" Bai Xiaoting hit Yip Han directly in the chest with an angry fist.
Yip hon a cover your chest "molested-"
"What’s wrong with you!" Bai Xiaoting stare yip hon growl without hesitation.
Zhou Yun put a hand over her face. Is this girl a simpleton or a string in her head?
Several bodyguards nearby tried to laugh, but dared not, and suppressed it extremely hard.
See yip hon hey hey smile Bai xiaoting this just realized that his words are ill-chosen, but there is no excuse to show a frivolous appearance. Put out a green jade finger and yip hon ba picked a "come and give me a smile".
This time, even Professor Qin was heard there and could not help but look at it in surprise.
Yip hon also stare big eyes. He knew Bai Xiaoting was tough, but he didn’t expect her to be so tough. His eyes secretly scanned for a week and woke up. "Everyone is watching you. Stop playing!"
"What to play? Grandpa makes you laugh! " Bai Xiaoting seems to be crazy. Instead of convergence, she raised her voice.
Yip hon secretly shouted missteps, deliberately refused, and was afraid that Bai Xiaoting would come up with something even more embarrassing to weigh the pros and cons. He had to grin at Bai Xiaoting, "Hey, hey, okay?"
Bai Xiaoting looked disgusted. "I’ve never seen anyone smile more ugly than you. Forget it!" The girl who pulled back a city laughed so hard that she called a proud squint and kept raising her eyebrows at Yip Han.
Zhou yun completely became a spectator, but he also watched it with relish. He really understood the thoughts of these two people. How deformed the brain circuits of these two people are to take the wrong line like them?
Yip hon immediately countered, "Then you should give me a smile!"
"Hey, hey, no way!" Bai Xiaoting a pair of proud appearance Yang neck strabismus 45 degrees.
"If there is no way, there is no way. I’m sorry," said Yip Han. "Seriously, you don’t have any news?"
"What is the Ministry news?" Bai Xiaoting asked.
"Anything, such as how about the giant mantis, how about the giant mosquito, whatever you know and we don’t know," said Yip Han.
"Oh!" Bai Xiaoting showed a thoughtful look. "You seem to have it!"
"really?" Ye Han’s eyes are shining
"but!" Bai Xiaoting suddenly changed her vigilance as if she recognized the Juntong Special Party "What should I tell you?"
Yip hon-hsin said, how did this kid get into trouble again? Ma Qi bluffed Dafa, "Aren’t we friends?"
"It’s a friend!" Bai Xiaoting nodded. "But does this have anything to do with leaking secrets?"
Even zhou yun, who was on the sidelines, was shocked by her logic. Is this the big girl? Can she speak?
I don’t know if Bai Xiaoting said this because it’s hard for Yip Han. I never thought about keeping secrets.
On the other hand, it is impossible for Professor Qin to let her know what really needs to be kept secret.
In other words, Bai Xiaoting knows that the news is not a secret, but a matter of identity convenience, so that she can know that it will take a while before everyone will know that the news is not leaked at all.
Yip hon wanted to think before saying "can’t say you don’t say don’t finished? I don’t want to hear any secrets either. Can you tell me, for example, where is the weakness of the giant mantis and where is the heart? "
Bai Xiaoting blinked. "Well, I don’t know where the mantis’s heart grows, but I know that the insect’s heart is actually a long dorsal aortic blood vessel, which is equivalent to the insect’s heart, but the insect’s heart is different from the mammal’s heart. You can’t tell for a while if you go back to the internet and look at the picture."
Yip hon collapsed. "Stop it! You know that’s not what I asked!"
Chapter 66 Ministry news (2)
Bai Xiaoting shrugged his shoulders and took a hidden glance at the nearby bodyguards to suppress the bass. "I heard that Beidu has done some experiments to compare the DNA of giant mantis and giant mosquito with that of ordinary mantis. The results are very … very shocking. The genes of giant insects are very different from those of similar ordinary insects!"
"No way!" Ye Hanyin is as thin as a gnat. "So exaggerated?"
He was really shocked that the original giant worm was bigger. He never thought that the giant worm was actually a new creature!
"It’s more exaggerated than you think," Bai Xiaoting said. "Although the giant mantis looks exactly the same as the ordinary mantis, from the genetic point of view, the giant mantis and the ordinary mantis are two completely different creatures, which is equivalent to the difference between humans and chimpanzees. I found some evidence that the giant bug evolved into an ordinary bug, and my grandfather left in such a hurry."
Yip hon thoughtfully silent to one side zhou yun wondering "no, if so, how fast does the giant worm evolve? From ordinary insects to giant insects overnight? "
"That’s right. The gene mutation is not so fast. It’s still a body mutation!" Yip hon have them say
"This!" Bai Xiaoting glanced at Professor Qin covertly and suddenly put his arm around Yip Han’s shoulder and whispered in his ear, "I heard that Beidu isolated a pathogen from giant worms, which is effective for mammals, but all crustaceans infected with pathogens have genetic variation!"
"No! Infection becomes a giant worm? " Yip hon surprised and looked at Bai Xiaoting eyes twisted in horror.
Excessive surprise made him ignore Bai Xiaoting’s ambiguous posture. I turned my head and my lips just brushed Bai Xiaoting’s cheek. A faint fragrance got into his nostrils.
Yip hon not alpha males a stir.
Bai Xiaoting pushed Yip Han’s big head. "What are you doing so close to me?" She grabbed the sleeve and rubbed her face hard.
Yip hon that call a depressed "is your own initiative leaned in, ok?"
"Did I ask you to turn around?" Bai Xiaoting angrily questioned.
"Okay, okay, I’m wrong again!" Yip hon surrender.
It’s always a man who makes mistakes in this kind of thing!
"Cut!" Bai Xiaoting eyes crooked mouth room cold hum a face rubbed two again.
Yip hon gasped, "Why don’t you let me get you some water to wash?"
"Then you say hurry!" Bai Xiaoting said it like a true story, but when it comes to the back, she couldn’t help laughing. "Come on, come on, why are you like a doormat?" Come on, come on, I’ll kiss you back. Are you fair? "
Zhou yun choked into his throat with a mouthful of saliva and coughed violently in inhibition.
All eyes came together and Zhou Yunma showed a embarrassed look.
Professor Qin paused, then the horse returned to normal and smiled. "Young people let young people solve it themselves."
Leng Jiang also smiled "Qin Lao is really open-minded …"
Yip hon let this sentence choke until his eyes rolled and his head leaned forward. "Come on, come on, who’s afraid of who?"