In fact, some people are reluctant to give up on cloudy days.

He’s a hell master, but he’s really very stable, although he still has an honour person in his head.
Everything needs to be carried out according to the fixed rules of the small universe of reincarnation, which is very carefree
Moreover, the quality of other ministers is due to the strength of the venerable.
But honour person also dare not too much.
Because the cloudy day really depends on the will of reincarnation of the small universe
But if we step out of the venerable one, everything will be renewed, and everything is unknown.
But the problem is that if you don’t take that step, according to the venerable master, all this needs to be faced on a cloudy day.
Chu Ling, Heiyang, and Yuan, don’t say it’s a department, but they all deal with it on a cloudy day.
Without the protection of the venerable master, the cloudy extinction period will not be far away.
"venerable sir, the number of ghost troops killed in wartime is not too much, and the number of recycled forces here is not enough.
If you want to finish opening the passage, you need a little more time, "said it’s cloudy."
"How long will it take to finish?"
"According to the current situation of ghost army killed, it will take at least half a day to recover the power to finish the opening of that passage," said cloudy day.
"What about Kai Cheng?"
"Three to four hours"
"What about seventy percent?"
"Two to three hours"
"What about sixty percent?"
"Sixty percent will take one or two hours," said the cloudy day.
Smell speech to respect the war while frowning 50% rev degree for early spirit, yuan this level didn’t take long to threaten.
Now the problem is that Di Zun doesn’t know how long it will take for Heiyang to suppress his big move before he can come back.
But I really have to wait until Heiyang will suppress the big move, and that’s when he will suffer a big loss.
By …
"Let me know when the 50% recovery power is enough to start the 50% channel". Zunma made a decision and then added, "If we want this small universe to survive, it will be us."
"I will deliberately command to speed up," said the cloudy day.