"He’s in the back darkroom."

Zhou Jia raised his eyebrows and waved his arm lightly, and the double-edged axe was already broken out. A harsh thunder blasted into the wall.
There is a interlayer in the wooden wall, and even the characteristics of listening to the wind are not as permeable as before, but the surface thunder axe light has broken on the spot
The violent impact makes the eardrums inside hum and scream uncontrollably.
When the walls were broken and the smoke dispersed, several figures fell to the ground, and one of them was Jiyuan, the director here.
He struggled from the ruins and looked extremely ugly.
"Deputy wang zhou …"
"Qi Zhuan" Zhou Jia slow mouth
"You can’t understand the truth that you have to pay for doing business when you hit the door."
"On that day, Wang Su Zhou fought life and death, and I bet Wang won seven odds. You won’t forget this money, will you?"
Jiyuan opened his mouth and was speechless at the moment.
On that day, almost no one was optimistic about Lei Mei. He gave such a big odds to attract people to bet, but he didn’t expect that someone would take out 100 source crystals to bet on Lei Mei to win.
The key is
Lei Mei really won!
It’s not worth so much money to buy him seven hundred source crystals, so I’ve been pushing and shoving for an excuse all this time and I haven’t paid for it.
this time
But someone came to me.
"Brother Ye"
JiYuan heart cold side first look to Sue’s house specially arranged helpers for him.
Ye Xiyi is also a strong black iron hand. The Lancet’s power is extraordinary. He once slaughtered a team of more than 100 people.
But at this point,
Smell is quietly bowed their heads and do ostrich.
"Deputy Wang Zhou"
Jiyuan grind his teeth.
"I have already returned the hundred source crystals to you, and I have also explained that it is too late for you to note them."
Zhou Jia slowly approached.
"That is different, but after Zhou won? Maybe if I lose this source crystal, I won’t return it? "
"Qi is in charge of doing business!"
Say a high five.
JiYuan step back throat rolling.
"I would have sent the source crystal to you in the past …"
His voice did not fall, but he suddenly gave a piercing scream, but his left arm was detained by Zhou Jia and pulled from his body.
At the broken arm, the flesh and blood flowed in a string, and the clothes were instantly soaked.
Zhou Jia’s broken arm expression was thrown aside.
"You came here today to listen to your explanation?"
"Seven hundred pieces of source crystal Zhou won by gambling fair and square. It is only natural that you should take it if you don’t take it today!"
"ah! Ah ah! "
Qi Yuan has suffered from being pampered in these years, that is, his left arm was torn by life and the pain made him completely out of control.
Knowing the screams and whining, I crawled on the ground and my consciousness was far away from Zhou Jia.
The blood smeared messy marks on the ground, and when someone was worried, he stopped bleeding and the whole person was like a collapse.
For a long time before he quivered to nod.
"I’ll take it, I’ll take it"
"That’s good."
Zhou Jia smiled.
"You are also a gambling house. Is there any reason why you don’t want to lose?"
"Where is the source crystal?"
"Here’s a batch of" Jiyuan Kouga clenched his head and lowered his messy hair to cover his eyes full of hatred.