Said the old man unexpectedly jilted to jilt long hair to reveal a very charming posture.

Li Xuandao nai wry smile it seems that he guessed right, when the old man was sealed here, it was too long and it was a bit abnormal.
"Then I don’t know what to call you?" Li Xuandao a full face of wonder way
"I am handsome and charming. Of course you should call me handsome."
The old man shook his long hair smartly and saw Li Xuandao with a contemptuous expression. "What’s the matter? Do you have any opinions?"
"No, of course, not as handsome as you. It is a matter of course to be called a handsome boy." Li Xuandao waved his hand again and again
Are you kidding? I’m a normal person. How can I argue with a crazy person?
But also unfathomable strength crazy.
"That’s right."
The old man nodded with satisfaction, and with a smile on his mouth, "But you are small and good. Although you are not as handsome as me, you are white and tender, and your strength is not bad when you come to fight with the little black turtle with small white bones."
Li Xuandao speaks for a while.
The old man actually called Xuanwu, the fierce and powerful beast, the black shadow, the monty and the ancient god of famine, a junior with great strength, but he had never heard of the name Lin Zhentian for thousands of years. "I wonder how long you have been here, this handsome guy?"
"Ten years? A hundred years? "
The old man bowed his head and thought hard until Li Xuandao was impatient. He suddenly raised his head and said excitedly, "I remember that I have been sealed here for 70 thousand years!"
"How much?"
Li Xuandao shocked and looked at Lin Zhentian from ear to ear.
Seventy thousand years!
How is that possible?
You know, even Du Jie’s top practitioners have Wan Shou Yuan.
Although the old man’s strength has reached the sky, he has not yet emerged. He is a mortal practitioner. How can he live for such a long time?
"Smelly boy, do you think I can’t live this long when I lie?"
As if I had seen through Li Xuandao’s mind, Lin Zhentian smiled strangely and spit out a green grass like a treasure. "Ha ha ha, it’s time to witness the trace. Open your eyes and see what this is?"
Li Xuandao stared at the wind dancing in the grass and wondered.
This grass looks very ordinary and has no spiritual power, and it can’t find a special place except for its strong vitality
However, the great ancestor dragon suddenly roared with excitement, "Evergreen grass! I depend on this. Tianbao claims to be immortal and grow grass. Who the hell is this old man? How can he have such a fate? "
"Evergreen grass?" Li Xuandao face slightly changed heart crazy vibration.
I heard that at the beginning of the birth of the universe, forty-nine pieces of evergreen grass were discovered, which was extremely powerful. One is to wear evergreen grass, so that heaven and earth can live forever.
Li Xuandao, this is what God said, but he never thought that this kind of thing would be true and in front of himself.
"Yes, it’s evergreen grass."
Lin Zhentian opened his mouth and swallowed the evergreen grass again, then said unfathomably, "It is because of the evergreen grass that I can stay here for such a long time, otherwise I am afraid I would be dead if I were someone else."
Hearing this, Li Xuandao’s heart was even more shocked
In 70,000 years, this old man should be a great power in the ancient times, and the other party can also have the magic weapon of eternal grass. In 70,000 years, he still retains his great strength, which is definitely a great power.
However, Lin Zhentian seemed not to see Li Xuandao’s eye alert and threw herself in front of a boulder and sat down. "Come on, let you hurry up and tell me something about this. Seventy thousand years have passed. What happened to Xuan Huang Dalu now?" Did Dust Emperor elope with Xiaoyue Yue? Not recently. There is no famous beauty. And did that guy Daoyi break through the mysterious realm of life? "
Li Xuandao’s eyes are confused. He doesn’t know who the dust emperor and Xiaoyue are, and he doesn’t know what the beauty of heaven is. But as soon as he starts, his mind can’t help but see the tragic figure who is angry at the immortal Terran.
"Dao is dead" Li Xuandao suddenly interrupted Lin Zhentian’s nagging questioning.
Lin Zhentian just didn’t expect to find out these ancient news from Li Xuandaokou. The 19th floor of hell was too long to hold back, and he wanted to find someone to talk to and vent.
However, after he heard Li Xuandao clearly, the sound stopped abruptly.
Lin Zhentian stared at you and couldn’t believe it. "What did you say?"
"I said I was dead." Li Xuandao slowly raised his head with a serious expression and a questioning tone.
"How is that possible?"
Lin Zhentian suddenly smiled and his eyes were full of unbelief. "How could that guy die when he was so horrible?" Son of a bitch, are you kidding me? Don’t be my old man … "
"Daoyi really died and was killed by the dragon!"
Chapter 952 O blood all things!
Chapter 952 O blood all things!
Anger suddenly quieted down.
Li Xuandao seriously looked at a full face of sadness, and Lin Zhentian saw that the other person’s expression was not fake and could not help but be horrified.
This old son must know Daoyi and be very knowledgeable.
This shows that this old man is no ordinary person.
He tried to ask whether the ancestor of Honghuang had heard of Lin Zhentian’s name in ancient times, but the ancestor of Honghuang shook his head and said that he didn’t know this person.
"Who is the dragon?" Suddenly Lin Zhentian suddenly raised his head and his eyes burst into terrifying cold light.
Li Xuandao unexpectedly dare not look at each other and bow their heads. "The sunrise dragon is …"
Speaking of which, he couldn’t help but smile.
Although Li Xuandao returned to the ancient times through the Dragon Gate of the Universe, he once saw the sunrise dragon man, but today he doesn’t know the origin of the sunrise dragon.
"I don’t know how to shape it, but according to the dialogue between the sunrise dragon and Daoyi, the sunrise dragon should not be a creature in the world of Xuanhuang." Li Xuandao pondered and expounded his views
"It’s not a creature in the world of Xuan and Huang?"
Lin Zhentian suddenly frowned and said, "So … this sunrise dragon comes from his world?"
"It should be like this."
Li Xuandao recalled the original scene: "The sunrise dragon once said that Daoyi was invited to take charge of the list of gods to help him manage the whole world, but Daoyi said that the world of Xuan and Huang was a human world and foreign people would never be allowed to trample on it. Unfortunately, Daoyi was defeated and eventually died."
Hearing this, Lin Zhentian’s face was sad.
"Good Dao deserves to be the guardian of the world of Xuan and Huang."
Lin Zhentian suddenly sighed, "I didn’t expect a farewell to become a farewell at the beginning. I thought I would go back and find a way to settle accounts with the old man after I got out of the 19th floor of hell. I didn’t expect that …"
Said Lin Zhen auditions gradually quiet.
Li Xuandao opened his mouth and couldn’t make a sound.
In this case, he wanted to ask something, but when he looked at Lin Zhentian with a sad expression on his face, he couldn’t say anything.
"By the way, smelly boy, how do you know Daoyi?"
Lin Zhentian suddenly raised his head, his face was sad and his eyes were in high spirits. "And your demon blood has disappeared?"
"fiend blood?"
This round was a surprise to Li Xuandao.
He scratched his head suspiciously and admitted, "Ringo, I don’t know Daoyi, but I once dreamed of witnessing the battle with the sunrise dragon in the corridor and learned Daoyi fencing."
"Heavenly fencing?"
Lin Zhentian looked at Li Xuandao with an incredible expression. "Did you learn fencing? No way, that’s a magical power at the bottom of the box. Since Daoyi still lost to the sunrise dragon when he performed his heavenly swordsmanship, it seems that the strength of the sunrise dragon is not unusual, but how can you learn this contour swordsmanship? "
Li Xuandao smiled and gave off a sharp breath.
The 19th floor of hell, although he can’t display the heavenly swordsmanship, it is more than enough to send out the heavenly swordsmanship breath.