If Ji Xinghe wants to catch snakes, the problem is not big, but if Ji Xinghe is ready to make a malicious hand, then the snakehead at this level himself may not be cut off by Ji Xinghe with a knife.

The snake body is not that important anymore.
"I will immediately ask General Ji Xinghe about the specific situation. Before that, I hope you can exercise restraint and not further intensify contradictions."
Of course, this kind of words can’t make the equipment department and the gendarmerie department feel relieved. After all, their spaceship was attacked and there may be casualties
"Accountability?" Ivanovich sneered, "When can the commander-in-chief directly investigate the responsibility of the theater commander? Why didn’t I know I had such a limit? "
Except for Andy, the commander-in-chief of the Federation is responsible for coordinating the various war zones and departments of Blue Star. There are few opportunities to really direct the war, and the most is to support each war zone.
Because the post of commander-in-chief is not the commander-in-chief of all units of the federal military, but the commander-in-chief of the alien defense forces, and the various federal war zones are not completely subordinate to the alien defense forces, such as the Federal Pacific Fleet, the Eagle Pacific Fleet and the Longzhou Pacific Fleet are not the defense forces.
There is also the Marine Corps belonging to various fleets, which belongs to the rocket forces of various continents and theaters, and the missile troops forces. After arriving at different stars, they will be incorporated into the command sequence of the defense forces and coordinated and deployed by the worse headquarters.
So Ivanovich’s sentence is fine. When he said this sentence, he suddenly thought of a terrible possibility. Is it because someone wants to be promoted to commander in chief?
Slightly shook his head to eliminate distractions Ivanovich continued to respond to the question.
"Fire command Liu Mian school? That’s general Ji Xinghe’s business. I think he will give you a reasonable explanation or you will give him a reasonable explanation after connecting with him. "
"What hasn’t been linked? Now, General Ji Xinghe is leading the Xinghe team to go deep into the enemy’s belly to investigate the last transition base of the imperial alien, and at the same time look for opportunities to make nuclear weapons cause great damage to the imperial forces. Are you going to influence General Ji Xinghe’s battle plan? Do you need me to wake you up? General Ji Xinghe is carrying out the battle plan. How significant is it to our Federation? "
"Don’t say it anymore. I’m the commander-in-chief."
Ivanovich’s tone became indifferent. He said, "No matter what reason you have to do in World War II, you should first inform me and get my permission, especially the current situation in World War II, but you didn’t do so. I reserve the right to investigate the responsibility of the personnel in your department."
Now I wake up again and ask you not to intensify contradictions and affect our soldiers to complete their staff.
This is what the commander-in-chief of the federal alien defense forces should do and be a strong worker. "
Chapter 24 Have a heart-to-heart relationship
Ji Xinghe received Ivanovich’s communication application. After he knew what attitude Ivanovich had expressed to the Federal Equipment Department and the Gendarmerie Department,
To be fair, Ji Xinghe is somewhat unhappy and somewhat happy.
I’m not happy because the snakehead was cut off in the original plan and turned into a peacemaker. It’s quite a bit of a big deal, and it’s a muddle, so Ji Xinghe struggled to punch like cotton.
The reason for being happy is very simple. Ivanovich is trying to be a good worker, just as Ji Xinghe is now a worker.
They are all soldiers, and their goal is one-victory!
"You know very well that you can’t destroy those two spaceships by deterring missiles, and they don’t need to land in your second world war zone and return before you have a chance to launch a follow-up attack."
Ivanovich’s tone is sincere. "But they didn’t return or fight back. They chose to make a forced landing. I believe that when you arrive at those two spaceships, they won’t have any resistance and you will arrest them all."
Ji Xinghe, what kind of trick is this? I don’t think I need to wake you up. I want to say one thing-don’t intensify the conflict if you want to win.
Some things can be solved without missiles and nuclear weapons. You should consider that they do have limits to do some things, something you don’t agree with them. "
Is it because of Andy?
Ji Xinghe thought of the reasons for Ivanovich’s change, which is easy to think of.
From the perspective of military status, Ivanovic has no reason to refuse Andy’s will. From the perspective of the organizational background at the top of the tower, Andy’s apostle sequence is much higher than Ivanovic’s.
Is Andy don’t agree with yourself and TuYuan start work at this time?
"I see."
Ji Xinghe’s response made Ivanovich very puzzled that such a big thing happened and caused such a big contradiction. Just one sentence, I know?
"Don’t touch that … moon"
Ivanovic already knows the name, and many people know it. Because Ji Rong Xin Yue said it.
He added, "I know that Xingyue has defected. I mean, if it comes to its senses again and decides to come back and help you, don’t let it participate in this matter because it can’t end."
Ji Xinghe Bai Ivanovich means that he is now holding the biggest card, not an independent group, not 300,000 mecha, and the old father is not the military and federal influence, but the artificial intelligence life of the moon and the moon.
What the two spaceships are going to do after landing smoothly is, in a way, to force the moon and the stars to make moves to prove that the moon and the stars have not defected.
So the moon and the moon have confirmed that the situation has not defected. What kind of price does she deserve from the Federation?
Including Ji Xinghe, are not worth anything.
"I see."
Ji Xinghe seems to have become a repeater.
Ivanovich took a deep breath and continued, "You know very well that people like us always like to hold power in their hands. The first idea of power being controlled by law is to destroy you. The moon and the moon are uncontrollable. No one will want to see you join hands."
In the face of sudden confidence to such an extent, Ji Xinghe said "I know" for the third time like Ivanovich’s repeater.
"…" Ivanovich asked, "You really have nothing to tell me? Or tell someone through me? "
Ji Xinghe no longer repeats reading.
"I’ll go back and talk to you when I’m finished."
Ivanovich was shocked more than the second world war zone dared to shell the ships of the Equipment Department and the Military Police Department.
"Do you really want to fight?"
"The empire already knows that we want nuclear weapons to be determined from the changes in their troop movements."
Ivanovic spoke faster and impatient.
"Adakang didn’t withdraw his troops, but he meant to suspend his attack on you and tie up his troops more quickly. Do you know what Adakang is going to do?"
Information about the change of imperial forces can also be seen by Ji Xinghe, especially after the empire suspended its encirclement and suppression attack on the Xinghe squad.
Now the communication of the Xinghe team is unblocked. In addition to making space battleship/spacecraft, individual starships and other aircraft bring the Xinghe team out of the encirclement, it can be put into more supplies for them.
Because the imperial fire prevention power is very targeted
How could Ji Xinghe not know what Adakang was going to do in this situation?