The Earl of hilfing is making up the scene of the killing of the star of the gods, planning to explore the secrets of the star of the gods, and the pace of things is getting faster and faster

But in the process of shuttling through the void, he suddenly felt as if there was a barrier like a heaven in front, and the majestic trend seemed to be facing an insurmountable wall.
He stopped and frowned at the dark star field ahead, and his eyes locked on a figure.
Someone stopped his step, I don’t know if it was deliberate, but the other side seemed to provoke all living things.
The stars moved, and the light of a star shone through to illuminate the figure.
It was a woman in purple clothes embroidered with black and gold lines, and she looked at herself quietly.
"Did you … arrest my brother?"
Count hilfing was puzzled by the words spoken by women.
Brother? What do you mean? I’ve killed a lot since arrival, and I haven’t deliberately arrested anyone.
"Catch people? I’m not interested in killing too many people at this time. Who knows your brother missed? "
Count hilfing said coldly about what this woman means, but if he dares to block his way and still shows some hostility, then he must let the other party know that the owner of this world has changed now.
He can perceive the other person’s energy level and himself, but he is a rare opponent in the abyss who fights more than 600 thousand old nobles in the same environment.
Besides, he also heard adults say that the outside world is already in the end of the French era, and the gods have been cut off and barely cultivated to this realm. How strong can human beings be?
Yes, it’s a woman and a powerful woman. It seems that he can have some foreplay before going to the star of the gods.
"Oh, then I understand that you killed my brother."
A woman walks quietly in a faint way without vision.
"Let me confirm again. Have you seen her?"
A woman evolved into a female figure, dressed in black, exercising, tall and heroic in her brow.
"Yes, you’ve killed me. I’ll send you to see her."
Count hilfing laughed cruelly, and blood can spread among many stars, and blood can transform deficiency.
He doesn’t remember any young woman in black, and the weak can’t get into his eyes. Kaman said that negotiations have been held. Anyway, Kaman will not die for a while, so it is better to say that Kaman is dead.
Let him have fun for a while. Nowadays, women with such a strong environment in heaven and earth are rare for good food.
The woman said lightly that her mood didn’t fluctuate too much. "Then I’ll send you to see her."
The voice fell for a moment, and the black and red almost condensed into a substance. The thick ShaQi star spread like an explosion, and the blood that the Earl of hilfing also spread and ravaged was given.
Count hilfing was amazed that his blood could be suppressed by that shaqi, and he shrank backwards and trembled as if the core in his soul was shaking unconsciously
Every step a woman takes forward, her body is getting stronger and stronger. It’s like stepping on a soul node, and the momentum is rising. It’s hard to imagine that this is a final realm. The monks in the seventh realm can emit gas fields.
Count hilfing doubted for a moment that he was seeing the Marquis. How is that possible? ? How can there be such a powerful human being in this era! ?
Is she ahead of me? ?
No, from the energy level, we should be the same. She is very angry and looks like a bluff.
"Arrogance knows human beings!"
Count hilfing sneered that blood could surge, and a hammer appeared, waving the whole star in his hand and crushing it to take a woman’s chest.
A bully fist blows up the Milky Way, and the woman breathes and breathes, and the Milky Way dies and lights up again.
Count hilfing’s vision seems to see the birth and fall of the immortals in the universe, and the wailing of the immortals when they were slaughtered is chilling and eroding his abyss and battle-hardened soul.
He felt out of control and his vision became a little trance. Did I hit him? What did that woman do?
The star’s domineering spirit of killing immortals has spread well, and there is no life in the nearby star fields, otherwise it will be a great catastrophe.
At the center of the shock wave, the woman with purple clothes and black stripes stands upright, and the virtual image is that there is no way to invade her skirts. In the spiritual storm, she gently swings her right hand and raises her fingers slightly. It is red hair.
She raised her hand and looked down at her head. "I ask again, have you seen my brother?"
Count hilfing finally came to his senses, and his soul trembled with fear, and the strong Shaqi penetrated his soul like a needle.