Everyone knows that this sixth round ranking war will be two rare fairy wars!

Wind hidden to Liu Ping
Liu Pinggan Kun’s younger brother was once given a chance by Su Mo to save his life and change his destiny. He will definitely do his best to deal with the wind and hide as much as possible.
And Yue Fengshen, the first fairy of Shanhai Xianzong, will never give up without a fight against Su Mo.
In the sixth round, four people will go to the two wars!
"I didn’t expect that I, Liuping, could come to this step like a dream."
Liuping carried a little hand and a little pink face with a sigh of emotion
Although she is a child, she looks a little weird and can’t help laughing.
Dry kunyuan all chuckled in succession.
Princess Chihong jokingly said to Liu Ping, "Brother Liu, if you win Feng Yin, you can go back to the school and give you candy."
Small sleeve, a wave of his hand, left the pie mouth and turned to look at Su Mo’s way. "Teacher Su, don’t worry, I will do my best to let Feng Yin see my dry Kunyuan means."
"Don’t try to be brave. If you see things, you can’t choose to throw in the towel and leave the bluestone battlefield."
Su Mo told Ichi
"What if I win!"
Liu Pingyang said proudly with a small face, "Brother Su may eventually fight for me!"
Sue ink smiled slightly in the heart a warm.
He knew that Liuping would try his best to fight the First World War just to consume the hidden means of the wind as much as possible.
He will have more chances to win in the final decisive battle.
Schelling ordered four people to step on the battlefield in succession.
"Su Daoyou’s battle is unfair, but it represents the choice of Shanhai Xianzong."
Yue Feng slightly hand heavy said.
Su Mo looked calm and nodded slightly. "I was just about to ask Shanhai Xianzong for advice!"
"Big mountain moving!"
Yue Feng fuelling yuan god hands kneading method tactic concise avatar force towards Su Mo is a finger.
A large shadow covers the sky!
A magnificent mountain peak crashed and several rocks and dust tumbled down, carrying terror and coercion towards Sumo!
"Hum! Well! What about it! Oh! Mi! Hey! "
Su Mo spit out six Sanskrit sounds in succession, and at the same time, his hands changed continuously, and six different dharma seals finally condensed into a statue of dharma seals that did not move like a mountain.
Behind him, it seems that a tall and stalwart virtual shadow is blooming with the sacred ratio of the sunset!
The magic seal, the demon seal, the prison immortal seal and the immovable root seal, the donkey kong wheel seal, the Great Sumeru Mountain seal.
Six printing methods at the same time will condense into a great magical power, Wang Yin!
The mountain peak fell motionless and the king burst into a loud noise!
This tall, virtual shadow stands still as if its feet had taken root. When the whole mountain hits the surface, cracks appear and keep collapsing!
Yue Fenggen didn’t give Su Mo a breathing machine with his hands folded, and the second magical power followed!
"Mountain axe!"
Yue Feng drank a steady stream of magical powers in his mouth, and a huge axe was revealed in the virtual reality!
Yue Feng hands to a split!
This huge axe fell from the sky and couldn’t move the king!
This time, Wang Weiwei’s shaking figure is dim, and many cracks will collapse at any time!
Chapter two thousand two hundred and forty Python Panshan
"You can’t spend it like this."
Sue ink mind flashed a thought.
His divine power has just recovered more than 30%
If you constantly confront Yue Feng with the magical secret method, he can still win, but the consumption of Yuan’s magical power is too large, and it will become a huge hidden danger if you meet Feng Yin soon.
Su Mo’s body moves towards Yue Feng and gallops away.
Yue Feng saw Su Mo approaching and chose to avoid fighting. His body suddenly retreated around the edge of the bluestone battlefield to keep his distance.
The Yue Feng plan is also very simple.
He knows that Sumo’s weakness needs to be constantly consumed by the magical secret method. If Sumo’s divine power is exhausted, he will take the initiative!
When the time comes, he will have an absolute chance of winning, whether in close combat or far attack.
Sue ink eyes big sheng vertical palm into a knife suddenly in the direction of Yue Feng by cutting out a.
This is a style in which the knife emperor bears the responsibility of fixing the sea.
When this kind of knife method is understood to the extreme, it can lead to the evolution of imprisoning magical power!
"Give me a break!"
Yue Feng didn’t dare to be careless and hurriedly released the secret method of Zongmen, and a burst of landslides broke out and directly broke the dinghai force.