Now we have to face the seven-tailed phoenix feather fan and Su Mo’s three arms in close combat!

As the old saying goes, two fists are hard to beat four hands.
Yun Ting is now facing a full six arms. This offensive is a magic weapon for Su Mo’s fist magic weapon!
He can’t even breathe!
Superhuman powers are not difficult for Yun Ting to cultivate magical powers.
However, he has never practiced or disdained to practice.
With the sword in his hand in his eyes, he can deal with all powerful enemies and slay all souls!
Where did he think that he would meet Su Mo today so unreasonable!
Su Mo, with the help of Taiyi Dust and Sambo Jade Ruyi Root, has no subtle tricks, but slams Yun Ting in the face, and the whole person is stunned.
In a blink of an eye, the two men fought hundreds of rounds, and Yun Ting was sweating and losing, surprised and angry
He was suppressed by Su Mo and didn’t even have a chance to swear!
At present, this scene is tantamount to three Su Mo attacking Yun Ting at the same time.
No matter how strong Yun Ting’s swordsmanship is, he can’t stand it.
While Su Mo has not seen Yun Ting for a long time, he still gritted his teeth and couldn’t help but smile slightly at the corners of his mouth.
He suddenly flew out a jade book between his eyebrows!
Next to this jade book, it quickly turned into a figure!
Jade Qing jade book Yuan Shen!
"I do …"
When Yun Ting saw this scene, he almost backed away with one breath at the moment.
Chapter two thousand five hundred and ten Take advantage of people’s danger?
Yun Ting, one man and one sword, was overwhelmed by Su Mo’s superhuman powers and cooperated with Sambo Jade Ruyi Taiyi’s seven-tailed phoenix feather fan.
No ChengXiang Su Mo summoned a body again!
This Yun Ting is equivalent to facing four Sumo!
"This is so fucking bullying!"
Yun Ting black face heart to lambaste a.
At this moment, there is only one thought left in his mind.
It is today that we must cultivate this peerless avatar with three heads and six arms!
Yuan Shen condensed out and turned into a taboo dragon and phoenix form. With superhuman powers and six arms, Su Mo also stormed Yun Ting.
The pressure in Yun Ting has increased greatly!
Taboo Long Huang hands although there is no magic weapon, but after all, it is the jade Qing jade book condensed out of the earth.
If you get punched and kicked, Yun Ting will feel as bad.
But he still gritted his teeth and refused to give up!
Su Mo’s superhuman powers broke out in such a fierce offensive, which will inevitably consume a lot and will not last long.
The so-called prosperity will decline.
Yun Ting, relying on his strong body and strong sword, gritted his teeth and looked forward to plotting a counterattack when Su Mo’s strength failed and exhausted!
But as time went on, Yun Ting became more and more desperate
After a whole wick of incense, the Soviet-Mexican offensive, instead of failing, became more and more fierce and powerful!
Yun Ting is passive defense and feels a little dizzy and black at the moment.
Where did Yun Ting know that the most powerful thing for violet’s body is to repair her endurance? Don’t say it’s a wick of incense or a few wick of incense. Violet’s body can hold up!
"This … is not too bad?"
"After all, it’s one enemy, four fists, and you can’t blame Yun Ting …"
"How does this feeling feel like teaching the younger generation?"
Thousands of monks in Shenxiao Hall looked at this scene dumbfounded.