I heard that the old man said that people are most likely to be entrusted to Lin Xuanji!

"Old man, you are in such good health that you are not in a hurry to explain these things."
Lin Xuanji muttered, "I’m too young to bear such a big responsibility."
Said that the old man said, "People are doomed. Although I can deduce everything, I can’t figure out how long I can live."
"Some things are better said before."
"Stop it, old man. It sounds unlucky."
Lin Xuanji frowned again.
Although he told the old man that it was no big deal or small to laugh and scold, he said in his heart that the old man was his family!
Said the old man smiled and recalled, "I have received four brothers in my life. According to the order of heaven and earth, the cat is your big brother."
"Of the four of you, the cat has the highest talent and the fastest cultivation speed, which is far superior to you in terms of combat power and mind."
Lin Xuanji nodded and said, "Brother is really better than me."
"The four of you have different personalities, and the cat is calm and mature; The ground machine is a bit old-fashioned and does not understand flexibility; Huang Ji people are sincere and virtuous; And you … "
Said the old man looked at Lin Xuanji pause a little way "your temperament is my most like bohemian cynicism"
"Normally, the most suitable person to inherit is the cat."
"It’s a pity that I didn’t observe the secret for a while and went astray and fell to this point."
When the cat was revealed, there was still a trace of sadness in the old man’s eyes.
No matter if it is a secret, it is his eldest brother’s mind, temperament, talent and combat power, which are far superior to Lin Xuanji.
Said that the old man also had high hopes for the secret.
I didn’t expect that the secret was to practice the "The Hunger Classic", and I didn’t hesitate to calculate that the strong man in heaven caused a river of blood in World War I!
"Over the years, there have been frequent traces of fierce families, and the mainland has shown that all fierce families are eager to fix the true world or should they prepare early."
Sue ink said.
Said the old man didn’t answer slightly raised eyebrows and asked, "I’m sure you’re disappointed with all the big door forces in the fix true world."
Su Mo didn’t speak, but it was the default.
After many things over the years, the monks are no longer tough but full of fear towards the fierce people.
The Nandou Sect in Nanyu was destroyed by the blood vine clan, and no super clan came forward!
No one wants to get involved in this muddy water without hurting themselves.
However, if the major door forces always have this attitude, the fierce clan will sooner or later walk out of the forbidden area, invade and kill the mainland everywhere, and who can hide in the past then!
There are no eggs in the nest!
"I really don’t blame them."
The old man said, "The Terran has not been threatened for ages, so the environment will naturally be comfortable and afraid to fight."
"Secondly, the fate of Terran has indeed declined in this world, and the number of Mahayana bodhi old zu and emperor is far less than that in ancient times."
"Some super clan door very little emperor in! The head-on conflict is rooted in the first world war of the fierce clan. "
Su Mo nodded.
Lamp burning temple is one of them.
Said the old man went on to say, "The third and most important point is that there is a lack of a powerful person who can lead the Terran!"
"In ancient times, there was an emperor who was so peerless and powerful that he dared not disobey the emperor!"
"But now the Terran lacks such a strong man."
Su Mo gradually understood.
Only by bringing the emperor together can the fierce clan fight.
Who is the emperor?
One by one is the best in the wild mainland!
If there is no peerless strong person to suppress the order, who will be willing to obey?
"Not even the seniors?"
Sumo asked
Said the old man shook his head and said, "I’m far from being hopeful or fighting."
"I said that people in the Mystery Palace may be able to gather some emperors, but I’m afraid it’s run out if we expect the big fierce families to confront each other."
Sue ink frown heart heavy.
In this way, once all the fierce tribes join hands to launch an epic war against the Terran, it is very likely that the Terran will be completely suppressed!
When the time comes, all the fierce families will regain control of the famine.
And the fate of the Terran will be the same as in Archaean times, being enslaved as rations and losing their freedom.
Said the old man thought for a moment and added, "Of course, you don’t have to be too pessimistic."
"After all, there are some variables in this life."
Then the old man smiled and looked at Su Mo.
Sue ink one leng.
Said the old man nodded and said, "First, you have a busy dragon, and your status is noble, but it’s a dragon master."
"I believe that if your mind is in trouble with Terran, you will not sit idly by."
Su Mo nodded.
If the Terran is in trouble, the Dragon Phoenix will do its best to say that the Dragon will help the Terran!
Said the old man continued, "Secondly, it is forbidden to be born!"
"Two taboos have been born out of the three taboos in Archaean times, and the only weakness of Terran side is that they have not really grown up."
Su Mo didn’t answer the words.