This scene has had a great impact on him!

It was not until the wolf king’s head fell heavily before Su Mo that he took a long breath.
After a short silence, thousands of Cang Lang whimpered and ran away in the distance without looking back.
Suddenly disappeared completely, leaving the wolf’s body covered in blood.
Chapter two hundred and one Five thousand years of immortality
Su Mo looked back at the dark cave behind him and looked indecisive.
Leng for a moment Su Mo consciousness looked at the monkey.
After all, he hasn’t come back for two years. There is something in this cave that the monkey should know best.
Only to see Sue ink eyes spirit monkey also shook his head a face of confusion.
"… cold pool into … abode of fairies and immortals"
Just then Su Mo suddenly heard a strange sound than weak intermittent.
This sound is very abrupt, just like Su Mo’s mind!
Is there someone in the cave?
Just cold pool noodles?
What means is this?
Su Moping recovered his mind and looked at the monkey.
There is nothing unusual in the monkey’s sleep.
This means that the sound has been heard by himself!
What is the identity of the other party and what is the purpose? Su Mo doesn’t know anything about it, and she is not uneasy.
But on second thought, if it weren’t for this man, he would have been killed by a wolf kiss.
The worst result is just to die again.
Su Mo thoughtfully for a moment and did not tell the monkey about it.
There is a possibility that the mysterious man doesn’t want the monkey to hear the mysterious man’s voice.
Besides, Su Mo doesn’t want the monkey to take risks with him.
"Monkey, wait for me to go in and have a look." Su Mo struggled to get up with severe pain.
"Oh, oh!"
The monkey called several times, holding Su Mo with one hand and gesticulating with the other, meaning to go in together.
"You wait for me outside. I’ll be right back."
Su Mo added, walking slowly to the cave.
A pungent and familiar smell came into the cave, and Su Mo frowned.
It’s that dead monkey shit again
Little change in the cave Su Mo looked around and went straight to the cold pool.
There are layers of white air on the water, and the chill is biting.
Su Mo didn’t hesitate to take a deep breath and jumped in directly.
Because wearing Xuan Jin silk armour, Su Mo sinks quickly.
Two years ago, he had just cultivated to Yi Jin and sneaked into the middle position, and his blood had already frozen.