However, when he was about to approach the handsome boy, he suddenly swooped down on the ground, like Mount Tai suppressing the law and moving half a minute.

"I, I give up!"
Ye Hao just hurriedly lost.
This is coercion. If we follow this assessment system, I’m afraid no one can pass.
After all, it is impossible for everyone to resist coercion if they just wake up and have no training.
Then more and more people failed.
From the first to the dozens behind, there was no exception. I fell to the ground two meters away, and I didn’t get any closer.
You can imagine how overbearing this guy is.
"Hey, is that all you have in tianyong city?"
The handsome boy shook his head, and the more severe he was, the more he seemed to be forced to be high. It was so cool.
"Huh?" At this moment, a strange figure appeared on his head, which seemed to attack his own place.
"What is this … a ghost?"
As soon as this figure fell, even the earth smashed a big hole, and the hard bluestone cracked the cobweb crack, and the crack spread to the soles of the feet of the handsome boy.
His mouth twitched. "This thing jumped from such a high place? Still got such a big pit and died? "
But as soon as he flashed the idea, there came a swearing sound in the crater nearly one meter deep.
"Your sister sent the captain so violently, didn’t she send it over!"
Liu Yu jumped directly from a height of 1,000 meters, which is the top of Tianshan Mountain in Yaochi.
Fortunately, his physical fitness is ok, and this height is not enough to throw him half to death.
"yeah? Where is this? "
Liu Yu jumped up from the huge pit and turned his back on the handsome boy. At the moment, many eyes around him were focused with incredible colors and a little dementia.
"hey! !”
The handsome boy is angry. What happened to this man? Come here to make such a big hole brush feeling?
And he looked at the hole … What if he fell out of such a big hole and didn’t kill him?
"ah? You called me? "
Liu Yu turned around and looked at the handsome boy with a big smile on his face, but he was still not as handsome as me.
"Nonsense, of course, is always call you where are you from? What are you doing here? "
Liu Yu was calm and pointed to the sky. "I’m new here. Please give me more advice after I call Liu Yu."
"God?" Your sister Lautz knows that you jumped from the sky, but I asked if it was your family Sect. Are you so stupid?
"Yes, what are you doing? Can you count me in? "
Liu Yu, hey, hey, smile, I still feel that it’s fun to have scenery here, but I can fly around all over the sky without restraint. When I get familiar with this, Brother will play this role to make the mainland remember his name.
Then ….. Hehe, and then make a fortune.
Brother Cong is so clever, where can I find a man?
Handsome boy leng for a while and then eyes riveted on Liu Yu this little can’t? Playing the fool?
Say it’s a day? Why don’t you go to Sunday?
And he looked at Liu Yu as soon as he appeared, and he took aim everywhere. Is it still a terrapin?
Why don’t Lautz kick him off?
No, in case I can’t beat today, won’t the limelight blow? No, let me see what he can do.
"Can you count me as an important cabinet and force me to make a move so that you can enter my giant mountain to practice?"
Smell speech Liu Yu this just looked around eyes back at each other and then grinned "are you sure? I am afraid of myself with my hands. "
"There will be wu god peak? What the hell is that? "
Chapter 513 See who is cool for whom
"What do you mean?"
The handsome boy looks a little angry. Although he Ye Xiaochen’s strength is weak, he is the younger brother of Wu Shenfeng, which is particularly noble in the eyes of outsiders.
And now you’re being despised by a little guy?
This is simply that the uncle can bear it, and the aunt can’t bear it.
Liu Yu grinned. "I mean, do you have the strength to make a move?"
It’s a nice environment here, but you can stretch your fists and pretend to be forced
Ye Xiaochen roars, and as soon as he grabs his fist, it explodes like a wave. A mountain is higher than a mountain.
"Nine waves on the highest day!"
This explosive drink is condensed with anger.
Liu Yu’s eyes narrowed slightly, and it was said that there was nothing wrong. The qualification of martial arts here is really not comparable to that of Mushatokoro on Earth.
Single theory in front of him this guy ability can be hanging Jin Dao fighters.
"Buzz ~ ~ ~ ~"
The waves in this square have surged, and many young brothers have been horrified.
In their eyes, this is that Wu Xiu’s powerful display and instant repair can create such a strong momentum.
However, when they looked at Liu Yu in turn, they almost didn’t spray a face of blood.
Although they didn’t practice, they knew that Wu Xiu was powerful.
According to the current situation, Liu Yu will not stop or retreat in the face of Ye Xiaochen’s attack. Is this going to die?
"God, I can’t watch it."
Some girls have covered their eyes.
"How can this man die so handsome?"
When the girls saw Liu Yu, they all made anthomaniac for a while, but when Ye Xiaochen launched an attack, they were completely pulled back from the anthomaniac world.
Soon Liu Yu’s figure was drowned by the flip of the nine waves.
"Dead …"
A teenager was dumbfounded.
I didn’t expect that today was the first time they went to their own cultivation road, but it was cruel to see such a bloody scene.
At the moment, they also fully realized that brother Wu Shenfeng is really powerful.
"I depend!"
When everyone was in a circle, Ye Xiaochen’s cursing came suddenly in the square. When they focused their eyes on the past, they suddenly opened their mouths and shocked people.
Liu Yu didn’t die, but with a little bit of Ye Xiaochen’s eyebrows instantly resolved this storm and the riot around him eased up.